Accurate, Fair, and Timely Auditing for Restoration Claims

Who We Are

Summit Restoration Auditing is an objective third party auditing firm that employs a team of experienced mitigation professionals to provide detailed audit packages that help adjustors settle claims with less effort and confusion.


Experience Matters

“Being former owners of a mitigation firm, the Summit team really understands that world. They know what insurance carriers like us are looking for in terms of details, documentation, photos, and they give us exactly what we need to settle claims.”

– Joe M., CARE Director

The Values That Drive Us

Character at All Costs

Every business interaction is an opportunity to develop and demonstrate character. We are committed to telling the truth, even when it isn’t comfortable. Being objective and impartial is the foundation of our professional commitment.

Fairness and Accuracy

Our reviews are grounded in the science and standards of the restoration business and common regional practices. Our partners make important decisions based on our evaluations, and we strive to provide detailed reasoning for each opinion.

Continual Improvement

We recognize that our auditing process is only as good as the information we receive. We are happy to reassess our opinions based on new information and documentation. We always remain open to correction and education.

“What I like best about Summit is how thorough and timely they are in providing their invoice reviews. And because the audit reports are so detailed, my adjustors also now have better idea of how to spot issues.”

– Sean V., CARE Manager

How Our Clients Win

We help property claims directors and their teams:

  • Substantially reduce the cost of paying out water damage mitigation claims by improving billing accuracy

  • Be recognized for finding a solution to a known costly problem and uncovering additional savings

  • Optimize team productivity by limiting the time spent researching/reviewing contractor invoices internally

  • Close out claims faster and free up more time for adjustors to spend on customer response and care
  • Ensure claims specialists are well-prepared to discuss invoice adjustments with contractors

  • Connect adjustors with an expert resource that helps them get better at recognizing invoice variances going forward

  • Remove guesswork from the claims payment process and ensure accurate, fair payment of what’s owed

  • Resolve invoice issues without damaging relationships with trusted vendors

Pay Restoration Claims on Time for the RIGHT Amount

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