Accurate Audits: Adjust Your Expectations Higher & Your Claims Lower

Protect Your Organization from Millions in Overcharges Starting Now

Some inflated charges are obvious. Others are hard to spot. The only way to know if invoices are accurate is to put them through a review process. 

Where should you begin with auditing?

It makes sense to start with the high dollar claims since these yield the highest dollar savings. Over time, this threshold should be lowered. For example, a carrier might start with $10k claims, then $5k, then $3k.

Individual adjustors also have the leeway to send us smaller claims if something seems problematic.

“Partnering with Summit has been eye-opening. I was really surprised to learn how inflated some vendor invoices are.”

– Sean V., CARE Manager

What’s Even Better Than Saving Money?

Adjustors report that we save 1-2 hours of their time per claim.

Summit’s Simple Four Step Process

Adjustors send claims directly to us, relieving a bottleneck in their workflow.

We fully evaluate invoices for appropriate, accurate charges based on IICRC standards and regional best practices.

We quickly provide an expert recommendation for adjustments to any inaccurate line items along with thorough documentation explaining our objective opinion.

With this supporting evidence, adjustors can communicate with contractors to clear up any misunderstandings and reach a reasonable settlement amount.

Along the way, adjustors naturally learn more about how to evaluate vendor invoices for potential issues.

“I have a better idea of how to identify potential issues going forward. I like their reports and if I need more information, they answer all my questions. It saves me time and nine out of ten contractors agree with their findings.”

– Tina S., Claims Specialist

What to Expect with Summit Restoration Auditing

  • Smooth Integration: We work in whatever way is best for your organization and team.

  • Highly Detailed Reports: Our documentation fully supports our recommendations.

  • Fast Turnaround: Auditing will never be a bottleneck in your operations.

  • Ongoing Education: We take time to answer questions and help adjustors advance their knowledge.
  • Human Review: We use Xactimate AND common sense and experience to reach conclusions.

  • Boots on the Ground: For high dollar claims, our experts can go where you need them for a second opinion.

  • Flat Rate Billing: Our billing is based on claim size, not dollars cut from the invoice, incentivizing fairness and accuracy.

How We Support Organizational Goals for Insurers

Hundreds of hours saved: Freeing up adjustors’ time lets them focus on delivering even better customer service, processing claims faster, and settling invoices for a fair dollar amount with minimal pushback from vendors.
Millions of dollars retained: Avoiding unnecessary invoice overages improves profitability, making it possible to add services, reinvest in customers, and hold the line on competitive policy premiums.

“Summit helps us make fair and prompt payments while showing the rest of our organization that we are trying to pay only what we owe. That helps keep policies as inexpensive as possible. Our adjustors save at least an hour per claim when Summit handles the invoice review. Having that support is essential. Summit is a very important partner in our property environment.”

– Joe M., CARE Director

Pay Restoration Claims on Time for the RIGHT Amount

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